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Frêshare Gardening Services - Bristol Bath & Surrounding Areas


Hedge Cutting/Shaping

Shaping your hedge or cutting it away from pathways, pavements, driveways, parking spaces etc or reducing the height to allow light to flow back through can be an arduous & tiresome chore for most people. If this sounds like you, & you own a business or live within Bristol, Bath or surrounding areas, Frêshare Gardening Services will ease the stress of this particular task.


"If a person cannot love a plant after he has pruned it,

then he has either done a poor job or is devoid of emotion."


Liberty Hyde Bailey


Whether your hedge is predominately Beech, Conifer, Yew, Privet, any other type of shrub or a blended assortment, I have the skill set & knowledge to deal with it.



Hedge cutting services include:

  • Trimming. Normally the hedge is reduced to the height/width of the previous year's size.

  • Reduction. Cut to a safe & healthy limit for you and your hedge.

  • Weed/Sapling Removal. A new service which allows you to remove all unwanted growth within your hedge areas. A very effective way to clear pests such as saplings, bindweed, thistles, nettles & brambles. The area will be treated to ensure these weed plants are easily controlled and eventually eradicated from your hedge.

If you live or own a business within Bristol, Bath or surrounding areas & would like a free initial consultation with a no obligation quote, please CLICK HERE & use whichever means of contact that is convenient for you.